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Jaguars preseason game 1 thoughts...

I have watched the game twice now, once live once on the replay.  Read the analysis from different people and have made my own quick opinions.

1.  At first appearence the O-line looked bad, but on second viewing some of those sacks they gave up were either coverage sacks or David Garrard not getting rid of the ball.  Unfortuanately since the local affiliate (damn you CBS 47) had such terrible camera work I couldn't tell which it was.

2.  David did not look good.  He was not accurate or sharp.  could be new receivers, rust or many other things.  I will reserve judgment until the next 2 games.

3.  Todd Bouman looks like a backup.  But then again he has pretty much always been one.

4.  Paul Smith has talent.  I could really see the Jaguars cutting Bouman and keeping Smith and going with 2 QB's.  It is a rebuilding year so why the heck not?  Figure out if Smith can be a QB in the league, give him some reps. 

5.  The RB position is much stronger then I thought it was.  MJD, Greg Jones, Rashad Jennings, Chauncey Washington, Montell Owens, Alvin Peermen, Brock Bolen cannot all make the team.  Owens is a special teams standout, but Peermen can run back kicks and play St's also.  Bolen probably is practice squad bound.  It is going to be interesting to see who they keep out of Washington and Jennings.  Washington has more special teams experience but they had Jannings running back kicks.  And Jennings is a big Mo' fo'.  He runs a little to upright but he could be a hidden talent.

6.  Some WR looked good others dissapointed.  Torry Holt did not dissapoint or impress which I guess is good for someone coming off injury.  Mike Walker didn;t play, huge dissapointment.  He is going to get cut I think.  Troy Williamson continues his career as a preseason wonder, can he carry it over?  Nate Hughes is another preseason flasher.  He looks the best of all the WR this camp and preseason.  I think he amkes the team.  I expected more out of Jarret Dillard and Tiquan Underwood.  Underwood has the size and speed you rarely find but he is raw raw raw.  Practice squad bound most probably.  Like to see Mike Thomas get on the field for the next game.

7.  TE's imppressive.  Marcedes had some stone hands a few times but blocked well.  Zack Miller looked very impressive.  Gregg Estandia was OK.  He is a big man though and can block.

8.  Scobee looked great.  He will rebound from a down year last year and the Jaguars may reaaly use him a lot. 

9.  Speaking of Josh Scobee WTF special teams.  3 tackles for Scobee and one for Steve Weatherford.  They better get their act together.

10  Steve Weathorford is going to take the punting job from Adam Podlesh and another draft pick is wasted.

11. The D-line looked better then I thought it would but still many questions.  Big Jon looked good and Terrance Knighton is going to prove to be a huge draft pick.  Derrick Landri put on weight but still looked quick.  He dominated the second and third team O-line.  Rob Meier didn't impress.  He may get cut in favor of Atiyyah EllisonQuentin Groves rushed the passer pretty good but needs to develop an inside move or a spin move, he gets forced around the QB to easy.  Derrick Harvey moved well.  DE's were ok.  I really like the potential of Julius Williams but don;t know if there will be a roster spot for him.

12.  Love the 3-4 looks!  They have the ability to really confuse some opposing teams

13.  Our linebacking corps are some of the best in the league.  Justin Durant injured his hip so hopefully he will be OK.  Smith, Ingram, Thomas Williams, and Brian Iwuh are solid.  Johny willimas (a Fletcher product I think) is trying his best to make the team.

14.  Finally, Eugene Monroe is going to be the best Jags lineman since Tony Bosselli.  He was dominant.  I know he didn;t play against any starters but you could see it.  He dominated after 2 days of practicing with the team.  I was in favor of taking BJ Raji but have completely been turned on that pick.  Eben Britton looked OK.  Lots of rookie mistakes, weak technique, but he can learn those things.

Looking forward to the untelevised preseaon game this Saturday.  Hope everyone can make it.  comments always appreciated!

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Sitting in a Tropical Storm writing about sports

So Tropical Storm Fay is currently flooding my parking gararage but we have power and we have internet.  So at least I have something to do during this 18 hour shift as the world's slowest "Hurricane" moves by. 
Thoughts on Fay:
  Where do they get names for Hurricane's these days.  What a weak name.  When they run out of names they should start naming these storms after football players.  This one would be Hurricane LenDale White because it is slow and fat and doesn't go where it is supposed to. 
Thoughts on Jaguars preseason game 2. 
  Blah.  What a waste of time.  The Jaguars looked terrible, the Fans looked terrible, and I only stayed for 20 minutes.  I got to my seat at the beginning of the second quarter and left for the parking lot at half-time.  The whole 15 minutes I was there I had to listen to some mullet headed Redneck make comments like the following; "I don't think we should even sign Derrick Harvey.  He isn't any good anyway: and my favorite "Todd Bouman should start at quaterback, Garrard (he still pronounces it Jerrard) sucks"  Mind you this is the same guy last year during the preseason that thought David Garrard was the savior and hated Byron Leftwich.  Plus he drops the old, we should trade up and get Tim Teebow comment every game at least once. 
  As for the game, I am not worried at all.  Greg Williams is not going to show any of his stuff in preseason.  He never does.  So the Jaguars had no defensive scheme and they were trying out players at new positions.  Paul Spicer looked good.  special teams looked pretty good return wise.  Offensive team looked pretty flat.  But when the season starts they are going to grind teams down with MJD, Greg Jones, and Freddy T.  MJD won't fumble and they will be able to play action pass all day.  QB's miss throws in the preseason.  It happens, we should focus on the positives like the fact that the WRs got open (something they did not do last preseason at all).  I think Reggie Williams coming back is more important than Jerry Porter.  David knows Reggie and trusts him more than Porter. 
  An umbrella just flew by the window.  Ha, Fay is angry at me.
Back to my thoughts.  I will evaluate this game against the Bucs and if they look the same I will be a little concerned.  But not much.  This is a team of veterans who know what it takes to win.  They have big play ability.  The defense will be awesome again.  Derick Harvey will get in eventually because he will figure out his agent is a douche and doesn't care about him he only cares about signing more clueless rookies next draft. 
  More disappointing was Alltell CSX Winn-Dixie Bauche and Lomb MPS Group Jacksonville Municipal Stadium's preperation for the game.  The draft beer was not working in the upper deck I was in.  I hate plastic bottle beer.  I don't care what anybody says, it tastes funny.  And whether it is true or not, it looks like you get more beer in the cup and it makes it hurt a little less when you shell out $7.  Also, where is the security.  I saw the same drunk inbred Matt Jones jersey guy start 3 fights.  I was only there 15 minutes.  I mean don't get me wrong, I've been kicked out of a bar or two for fisticuffs in my day, but this guy pored his beer on a girl wearing a Dolphins jersey for no reason.  What , being a Dolphins fan isn't punishment enough?  This is one of the reasons we have a bad reputation throughout the NFL. 

  Well everyone stay safe with Fay and get your paddles out because there is going to be some flooding.  I get off in a couple hours and I am going straight to the Bar for a good old fashioned Hurricane Party.
Go Jaguars
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JQ's meaningless NFC Preview

  So hear we go.  Into the first week of the preseason, and i am going to do some prognosticating.  Now just so you know I base all of my sports prediction expertise on the fact that I picked the Detroit Pistons to win the NBA championship the year they picked up Rasheed Wallace.  By the way i know I am a terrible speller and no I don't proofread my blogs because its a blog and not an English paper.

The NFC has tried to close the gap with the AFC from top to bottom and has made some good strides.  There is an infusion of good young talent with players like Adrian Peterson, Marques Colston, Ryan Grant and several defensive stars.  Not to mention the Giants beat the almighty Patriots to win the Super Bowl. 

My rankings of the teams by division (not the order they will finish), playoff predictions at the end.

NFC South
1.  New Orleans Saints
2.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3.  Carolina Panthers
4.  Atlanta Falcons
NO is clearly the class of the division.  Drew Brees should lead a high powered offense to the playoffs.  The offense is loaded, the schedule is soft, and defense got a big boost in Sedrick Ellis (though the D is still pretty bad).
  Tampa Bay is old, Earnest Graham is not going to repeat his performance.  They will take a big step back this year, lucky for them the other two teams will also.
  Carolina could have been a sleeper pick to make the playoffs.  Now Steve Smith is out 2 games, and the schedule is setting up pretty tough.  Also, will Jake Delhomme be 100% and how will Jonathan Stewart pan out.  The offensive line is good, the defensive line is excellent.   If Steve Smith can come back and play well, and they get some help from rookies and Vets on offense they may be able to surprise some teams.  They could easily beat out Tampa and they play well against the Saints (won 3 of the last 4) so they still have a chance, I just don't think they will capitalize on it.
  Atlanta is a young team starting over.  Mike Smith is a great young coach who is going to build the run the ball-stop the run style of play in Jacksonville.  Is Matt Ryan the franchise QB.  Who the hell knows but with the money he got, they are stuck with him for a long time.  They have some good pass rush with Jamaal Anderson and John Abraham.  They resigned Grady Jackson after he threatened to eat all of their children (biggest man I have ever seen) and he can help stuff the run.  They got micheal Turner to run and Jerrious Norwood is a good foil for him.  Roddy White came on big last year.  Harry Douglas is a fast rookie who could thrive in a slot position.  All in all, they may improve their team but won't improve their record.

NFC East
1.  Dallas Cowboys
2.  NY Giants
3.  Washington Redskins
4.  Philadelphia Eagles

 I am of the opinion that Tony Romo is a choker and without TO and Witten and that line he would be an average QB.  Bt they have TO, and Witten and that line as well as Marion Barber and Felix Jones.  They will win the division.  But can they win in the playoffs?  No.
  The other three teams. is as good a guess as any.  The Giants get the edge because they won the Super Bowl.  Can Eli Manning keep improving.  Maybe.  The one thing about Eli is that he knows he is not nor will ever be Peyton.  That doesn't mean he can't be great though.  Plaxico Burres is dangerous.  Steve Smith will start at WR this year and is in line to blow up.  He has the talent.  The running game is brutal with Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward.  The d-line will attack QB's again and the secondary is a bend don't break type.  The schedule is not very nice though.  Division games plus road games @Cleveland, @ Minnesota, and @ Pittsburgh.
  I like the Redskins new offense because it will feature Clinton PortisJason Campbell improved last year.  Also, he won't be required to win to many games with his arm.  He just can't lose them.  WR's, ehhhh.  Randle El hasn't sone anything since he let the SteelersSantana Moss is a speedster but has trouble with physical teams.  Chris Cooley is an underrated TE who can catch and block.  The defense will carry this team.  I am not a fan of Jason Taylor, but he still has one good year left.  Andre Carter had 10.5 sacks last year and four forced fumbles.  Erasmus James is coming back from double knee surgery and should have an impact in the later weeks.  The DB's are very good.  LaRon Landry scares WR and TE's coming across the middle (and he's the free safety).  If only Sean Taylor were still there.  RIP man.  Schedule wise they should be OK.  No overly tough road games outside the division.
  The eagles could be really good or really bad.  Brian Westbrook is basically unstoppable if he gets the ball.  If you stop him running, he will catch it.  Lorenzo Booker is going to end up being a great pickup.  He can catch the ball and is a shifty runner.  If you let him run he will torch you.  They really need the WR's to step up.  Reggie Brown was supposed to be that guy.  This might be his last chance.  Kevin Curtis is a streaky player who you don't want to rely on.  DeSean Jackson will contribute on special teams but may not be ready to start in the NFL.  The defense is good.  Great corners and Safeties.  The d-line is underated.  Trent Cole was a double digit sacker last year.  Jerome McDougle will be back as a backup, but can he perform?  The schedule sets up nicely for the Eagles.  They need to win some division games and they can make the playoffs

NFC North
1.  Minnesota Vikings
2.  Green Bay Packers
3.  Detroit Lions
4.  Chicago Bears

  The Brett Favre drama is over.  We know the Vikings wanted him, Favre knew it and Tavaris Jackson knew it.  Question is will it affect him?  They better hope not because there is not much behind him.  The Vikings have two strengths, which happen to be very important in the NFL.  First, their running game. Their line might be the best in football.  Adrian Peterson is the most dynamic player to come out of college in a long time.  Expectations are huge for him.  Will he put up monster stats again?  Probably not.  And not because he can't.  The Vikings are going to let Chester Taylor share some of the workload to keep AP healthy and fresh.  Second, the defense is staked everywhere.  Just look at their depth chart.  Best defensive tackle combination in the game.  Added Jared Allen.  LB are very good.  DB's are good.  It's almost not fair to have the best offensive and defensive lines on the same team.  There is a lot of hype about Bernard Berrian.  Don't believe it.  He is a burner.  Expect Sidney Rice to get most of the receptions though.  Berrian will see about 70 receptions though and catch some long TD's.  But this team is going to run run run.  The Vikings have a tough schedule.  they play at Jacksonville, New Orleans and Tennessee.  They host the Colts and Giants. 
   Are the Packers really better with Aaron Rogers?  I don't think so.  I watched him a lot in college and wasn't impressed.  He reminds me of Chad Pennington.  Accurarte but week.  And Jeff Tedford QB's always struggle in the NFL.  It's probably good that they drafted Brian Brohm.  Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson make a good Running Tandem.  The o-line is only average though.  Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and James Jones are good WR.  It is going to be up to Rogers to get them the ball though.  The defense has problems.  AJ Hawk is a stud.  The LBs and DB's are good.  The D-line is young and average though.  They are going to need to stop the run with the schedule they have (Vikings, Jaguars, Titans, Colts, etc.)
  I don't know what to think about the Lions.  I love the Kevin Smith pick.  Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams are bonafide superstars.  Kitna can throw the ball.  But they are the Lions.  Hopefully they can run the ball to et up the throw and do some damage.   I don't know much about the defense except it wasn't very good last year.  I know if it was Ernie Simms' girlfriend running up the middle he would put her in the turf (ooooh cheap shot on a seminole). 
  The Bears are going to have to rebuild.  They missed their window, Lovie Smith will probably be fired this year unless they put up some wins.  Cedrick Benson was a miss, the defense is getting old, and Kyle Orton Vs. Rex Grossman is not what you want in a starting QB competition.  They lost their 1st rd pick this week.  They have no offense.  Their schedule is tough.  What else can you say?

NFC West
1.  St. Louis Rams
2.  Seattle Seahawks
3.  Arizona Cardinals
4.  San Francisco 49ers (who will beat the Dolphins out for the #1 draft pick and select Alex Smith, again)

    I am probably the only person outside of St. Louis that thinks the Rams are going to be good.  Last year was a result of injuries.  Stephen Jackson is one of the best backs in the game.  Mark Bulger is a great QB.  The line will be better with Orlando Pace and Richie Ingonito back.  Torry Holt is a great Wr.  Dane Looker, Dante Hall, and Drew Bennet will compete for the number 2 spot. They signed Reche Caldwell who could be in the mix also.  I like their defensive line.  Adam Carriker and Laroi glover are solid tackles.  Leonard Little, James Hall and rookie Chris Long are going to harass QB's all season long.  They have average LB's and DB's.  But I really think that pass rush will help out.  They also have a good special teams unit which can make a difference.  They have a hard schedule for what thier record was last year, but it's about the same schedule the rest of the division has to play.  And it doesn't take much to win the West.
  The Seahawks have a chance.  They have and awesome set of DB's.  The d-line is good as well as the LB'ers.  They have no WR's and their Running game is questionable.  They have lost a couple of players on their line early in preseason.  I don't believe in Julius Jones at all.  He is soft and Holmgren isn't going to put up with him after Sean Alexander.  Bobby Engram is playing in his 53 Nfl season i think.  Nate Burleson is everyones break out player every year yet he never broke out.  Maurice Morris might be an answer at Running back.  Matt Hasselbeck is the most underrated QB in the league.  He puts up 20+ TD's every year.  He is a gamer.  If the Seahawks are going to do anything, he has to be the guy to do it.  And it is Mike Holmgrens last season so maybe they will play for him. 
  The Cardinals are like the Lions.  No matter the talent they have they find a way to screw it up.  Awesome WR in Boldin and Fitzgerrald.  one of them will probably be traded before the season is over because they don't like Arizona.  Edge is getting old and isn't the player he once was.  And there is no one behind him.  Are 2 Qb's better then one?  They are when it's Leinhart and Warner.  Arizona will be 7-9 ish like they always are.  They can only hope the other teams in the division go 6-10.
  The 49er's are going to rebuild.  Alex Smith is in a make-or-brake year.  If he stinks it up him and Mike Nolan are gone.  Frank Gore is a great RB, but he is getting some wear-and-tear due to lack of any other offense.  they hired Mike Martz and he promises to open things up, but with what?  Vernon Davis improved his numbers from year one to year two.  So maybe he can be a factor.  Isaac Bruce is the token past-his-prime free agent WR for the niners this year.  It's always tough to root for your team to lose but Niner fans have need everywhere and a great QB or WR in the early first round next year could do wonders for this team.

Playoff Seed Predictions
1.  Cowboys
2.  Saints
3.  Vikings
4.  Rams
Wild Cards

  The Cowboys will win the NFC.  The Saints will be close on their heals.  The Vikings schedule is to tough for them to compete for the bye.  The Rams win the West with a 9-7 record.  I went with Giants and Redskins but it could easily be the Eagles substituted for one of them.  The Packers have a hard schedule and Aaron Rogers is starting for the first time.  They won't make it.  The Seahawks have a chance to make the wildcard or win the division.  They need Hasselbeck to do it for them though.
 Round 1

Vikings vs. Skins
  The vikings a re a team built to win in the playoffs.  They will run the Redskins into the ground and stop Portis
Rams vs. Giants.
  The Giants do it again, pressuring Bulger all day into making some mistakes and capitalizing on them.  Close game, but a late turnover will allow the Giants to win by a field goal
   Round 2
  The Cowboys probably won't lose their first playoff game again this year.  They get it done in a sloppy game.
  As much as I like the Vikings, you need a QB and WR's to beat  teams like the Cowboys, Colts,  Patriots and Saints.  The Saints will score too much for the Vikings to be able to match.
Championship game
  The Cowboys choke again and the Saints are going to the Super Bowl on the arm of Drew Brees.  Romo throws picks and they don't give the ball to Marion Barber enough early in the game.  The Saints pass up and down the field on the Boys and Romo officially gets the "can't get it done in the playoffs" label.
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The best NFL home schedule ever?

While getting ready for football season, I took a good look at the Jacksonville Jaguars 2008 shcedule.  The home schedule is amazing.  Here are some highlights of what is probably the best home schedule ever for the Jaguars.

Week 2.  First home game of the season.  The Buffalo Bills come to town.  A good young team with some exciting players including Marshawn Lynch and Lee Evans.  Last years game was won by the Jaguars pretty handily but was probably the final nail in J.P. Lossmans coffin as a Bill.

Week 4.  A division game against a team that always gives us trouble, the Houston Texans.  The Jaguars split with the Texans last year with the Jaguars beating the Texans at home early in the season and the Texans thrash the Jaguars in a late season game where the Jaguars didn't play all their straters (including David Garrard, Fred Taylor, Paul Spicer).  I am alway nervous playing against the Texans.  They have in my opoinion the 2nd best WR in the NFL in Andre Johnson.  They also have a very good young defense.  It should be a good smash mouth game.

Speking of Smash Mouth.

Week 5.  Sunday night football, primetime, nationally televised.  All day to tailgate.  Steelres fans coming in from around the country.  This is a big one.  Jaguars vs. Steelers is always one fo the best games of the year.  No two teams hit harder and play more physical then these two teams.  The Jaguars were built based on a model that the Steelres perfected.  Run the ball, stop the run, hit hard and run fast.  The Jaguars won twice last year at heinz field (The first team to ever win twice in one season at Pittsburg) and haven't lost to them in the last 4 meetings including beating the Steelers 3 times at home in a row.  Last years playoff game was exciting all the way to the end when David Garrard busted out with a 32 yard scramble on 4th and 2 with little time and left that set up a game winning FG that stopped a 18 point comeback by the Steelers.  In the lst 6 games these teams have played only one has been decided by more than a touchdown (9-0 in 2006). This will be another classic Jaguars Steelres game. 

Week 8.  Another good young team comes to town, the Cleveland Browns.  The Jaguars and Titans beat out the Browns for the wildcard spot last year.  Many Jaguar fans are still think David Garrard deserved to go to the Pro Bowl over Derrick Anderson.  These teams haven't played since 2005.  The Browns could pose a difficult matchup for the Jaguars.   They have talent they have at WR and TE with Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards.  Edwards had 2 TS's last time he played against Rasheen Mathis.  Dennis Northcutt is a former Brown and did not enjoy his stay there.  This may be the opposite of the Steelers game and we could see lots of points put up. It is also our only 4 o'clock kickoff this year and probably a nationl game which means lots of tailgating time.

Week 11.  The Jaguars biggest rival (in my opinion) comes to town.  The Tennessee Titans and the Jaguars do not like each other.  They have a long history.  The Titans shredded the Jaguars to peices at home last year.  The Jaguars forced 6 turnovers and beat the Titans with little trouble at Tennessee.  Jeff Fisher has made enough smart a$$ comments about the Jaguars and Jacksonville over the years to make him the second most hated man (behind Bill the Whiner Pollian).  Vince Young never should have won Rookie of the year over Murice Jones-Drew.  The Jaguars all know that and they love to make him look like the scrub he is.  These games always seem to be a blowout for one team or another.  The road team actually wins more then the home team.  It should be a wild one.

Week 12 brings the Minnesota Vikings to town and one of the most dynamic players in NFL history in Adrian Peterson.  How many chances will we get to see this guy in Jacksonville?  Probably not very many.  In addition, the Vikings are like the Jaguars 3 years ago.  A suffocating D-line, an awesome defense, a good offensive line and running game and who knows what a QB.  The Jaguars bottled up two of the best RB's in the NFL last year holding Ladainian Tomlinson to 62 yards and Larry Johnson only rushed for 12 yards.  This should be a playoff type atmosphere with both teams playing for division titles and playoff spots.

Week 15.  Another playoff team comes to town, the Green Bay Packers.  While this game would be even more exciting with Brett Favre still playing, it shoudl still be a good game.  Again, both teams should be deep in the playoff race and fighting for positioning.  This is another team that will probably not be in Jacksonville for a long time.  They have a good offensive line and a potent offense (depending on Aaron rogers) and should be another test for the Jaguars ddefense.

Week 16.  Probably the biggest game of the year.  Jaguars vs. Colts on Thursday night football.  Another primetime game.  This game will hopefully determine who wins the AFC south and will probably be for a a first round bye.  The Jaguars have spent years trying to knock Peyton Manning and the Colts off the top of the AFC south.  I think this is the year.  This game always ends up with the most fights and arrests.  No doubt Bill Poliian will complain about something that happened in the first game they played.  Last year he whined to the NFL the the Jaguars mascot was interfering with the game.  Come on Bill, the mascot?  At Jacksonville the Jaguars the game looked competitive until David Garrard went down.  The Colts defense shut down the Jaguars after that.  At Indy, it was a close game.  The Jaguars were not allowed to challenge a blown TD call and ended up with a field goal.  They lost by one.  There was a lot of controversy because of controvesial comments made by Jaguars players and coaches abnout Indy's D-line getting away with calling out false "hike" calls leading to several false start penealties.  In the end the Jaguars could't come up with the points to beat the Colts.  This will be the final home game of the season, it is in primetime, it will determine playoff seeding, and it is against the one team the Jaguars have struggled with the last couple of seasons.  What an end to what will be an incredible season.

What more could you want on your schedule?  The Jaguars get 4 playoff teams from last year, some of the best players in the league such as Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Braylon Edwards, Andre Johnson, and Ben Roethlisberger, and just about all these teams should be competing late in the season for playoff spots.

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Pacman does it again & NFL labor problems

    I was going to write a blog about which NFL player would get arrested first and have a list.  I considered putting Pacman Jones on there and then thought "nobody is that stupid to get arrested right before reinstatement."  Well apparently I am the stupid one because Pacman Jones is borderline brain dead.  Word out of Las Vegas is that he may have a felony arrest warrant issued for not paying back a Las Vegas casino debt (Link at the end of the blog).  So he just totally shot down my idea.  What fun is it going to be now to argue whether or not he will be arrested before one of the Bengals or Jaguars players.
    I mean how dumb is this kid.  It's gotten to the point where I (almost) feel bad for him.  And shame on the Cowboys for making this guy out to be misunderstood.  I hear this warrant was issued for a debt in December but why the hell was he in Las Vegas at a casino when he knows he is one minor offense away from being banned for life.
    So this brings me to my new topic.  The labor agreement.  This is a big issue and not because of the so called "uncapped year"  The bigger issues for labor peace are escalating rookie salaries, big market vs small market owners, and teams not being able to protect themselves from players who get in trouble.  The uncapped year, despite popular belief, will not lead to a baseball situation.  First of all players are not going to want an uncapped year or no salary cap for a couple of reasons.  1.  Players will become exclusive rights free agents for 6 years instead of four.  That means a player must play for the team that first signed/drafted him for whatever they tender him at for 6 years.  No free agency for 6 years after you start is not something players want.  2.  Teams will get an additional franchise or transitional tag.  I have also heard (though not confirmed) that they will be able to use these tags more than once on players.  This will prevent players from signing long term contracts for a season or two.  3.  the teams that reach the second round of the playoffs will have restrictions put on them from signing a certain amount of free agents.  That means if the Cowboys make the 2nd round of the playoffs, they will only be able to sign a certain amount of free agents the next year and Jerry Jones cannot throw around money as some suggest.
    The bigger issues facing causing unrest are things like rookie contracts.  Good for Matt Ryan getting that money.  It's not his fault he got it.  It's the NFL's.  I have seen several news stories that say Matt Ryan now makes more than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Thats just siily.  If the NFL doesn't get these rookie contracts under control then the draft is going to become obsolete.  Why?  Because small market teams like the Jaguars, Bills, Bengals, etc. and cheap teams like the Cardinals and others are not going to use low draft picks.  If these teams have a bad year and get a top 5 draft  pick in a weak draft, they are just going to get rid of that pick because they can't afford to sign an unknown talent for that much money.  They will either trade it for whatever they can get or they will just not make their pick and let other teams go ahead of the,.  The result is that big market teams are going to start getting these picks for cheap because small market teams can't afford them.  The draft will become a joke. 
    This leads me to my next point, Big market vs Small Market teams.  I am a little biased growing up in Cincinnati and Jacksonville, but some of the big market teams are being to greedy.  The NFL was built on"League Think" which made it so succesful.  I know these teams have right to make their profits, but if they force out the small market teams the whole NFL will suffer.  They have to come to a better Revenue sharing agreement between owners before they can sign a new CBA.  The squeeze on the small market teams is going to be too much soon.  Buffalo is playing games in Canada.  Who's next?  The Jaguars going to Orlando?  The Cardinals playing in Mexico (again).
    The third thing that is threatening the NFL is teams inability to protect themselves from stupid players.  When a player gets arrested, it's up to the team to discipline him.  When the team does the NFLPA steps in and says you can't do that.  When a player holds out, there is little a team can do but sit him for the year or trade him.  There needs to be provisions in place so that when a person like Pacman or e  Micheal Vick goes off the deep end, the team can recoup that money.   Holdouts are trickier.  The player has a right to argue for a new contract if he is vastly underpaid (No not you Chad Johnson) but a team should have a right to force a player to honor his contract.  The only thing I can thing of would be an independent arbitrator.  Let the player give his side and what he thinks he should be worth, let the team give their side.  The arbitrator should give a decision on who is right.  If the player wins, the team would have 30 days to come with a new offer.  The arbirator would also assign a value to that player so if the team cannot or will not resign him he can be traded for that value.  If that value is not offered any other team, then that player can then holdout or play at his choice.  But he can't holdout before the arbitrator's ruling.  It would allow teams to deal with players who think they are worth more then they are and it would allow players to get out of situations where they are worth more then a team will pay them.  Of course there would need to be a lot more fine tuning in it.
    Anyway I hope the 2 people that read this will makes some comments and give their opinions of whether I'm a total idiot or not.
Peace out
Posted on: May 20, 2008 12:08 pm

The worst time of the year for the NFL

As I sit here and listen to John Cougar Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane" (great song by the way) bored out of my mind at work, I think "Why not start a blog."  So OTA's have started which means we will all get really excited about at least 2 players who look great in basically no hand touch football.  Guys I like to call Super Scrubs.  What is a super scrub?  A guy who all the fans are convinced is going to be a hall of famer based on his OTA/Mini camp/training camp performance.  We will all email Vic Catchman about how great he looked and Vic will make snide comments about underwear practice.  But we still won't believe him.  These guys are usually rookies, underachievers aquired from a different team, or veterans who are passed the prime of their career. 

   Last year's super scrubs were Mike Walker WR, who wowed everyone with one handed leaping circus catches during the summer only to go on IR once the presaeson started and anual super scrub, Matt Jones who is, well we don't need to go into his super scrubiness.  Previous winners include Chad Owens, who caught everything thrown his way in the preseason and showed blazing speed only to fumble his first to punt returns in the preseason game season and put on the practice squad and the disaster that was Hugh Douglas.

  For this year's Offensive and Deffensive super scrub award I am going to pick DE Derrick Harvey and WR Troy Williamson.  I like Derrick Harvey's future but I think he is going to get crushed under the expectations.  He will show great burst and tackle everything in site during the summer but come fall he will be a situational player.  Troy Williamson is a classic Super Scrub candidate.  All the Jaguars fans are excited about his speed and ability and all the Vikings fans are laughing at us for trading for him.  He is the Vikings version of Matt Jones.  He is going to catch some long passes during practice and probably break out a 60+ yard TD in the preseason only to be cut in favor of a younger player.

   Next blog... Who will get arrested first between mini-camp and training camp!

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