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Jaguars preseason game 1 thoughts...

Posted on: August 19, 2009 11:39 am
Edited on: August 19, 2009 12:06 pm
I have watched the game twice now, once live once on the replay.  Read the analysis from different people and have made my own quick opinions.

1.  At first appearence the O-line looked bad, but on second viewing some of those sacks they gave up were either coverage sacks or David Garrard not getting rid of the ball.  Unfortuanately since the local affiliate (damn you CBS 47) had such terrible camera work I couldn't tell which it was.

2.  David did not look good.  He was not accurate or sharp.  could be new receivers, rust or many other things.  I will reserve judgment until the next 2 games.

3.  Todd Bouman looks like a backup.  But then again he has pretty much always been one.

4.  Paul Smith has talent.  I could really see the Jaguars cutting Bouman and keeping Smith and going with 2 QB's.  It is a rebuilding year so why the heck not?  Figure out if Smith can be a QB in the league, give him some reps. 

5.  The RB position is much stronger then I thought it was.  MJD, Greg Jones, Rashad Jennings, Chauncey Washington, Montell Owens, Alvin Peermen, Brock Bolen cannot all make the team.  Owens is a special teams standout, but Peermen can run back kicks and play St's also.  Bolen probably is practice squad bound.  It is going to be interesting to see who they keep out of Washington and Jennings.  Washington has more special teams experience but they had Jannings running back kicks.  And Jennings is a big Mo' fo'.  He runs a little to upright but he could be a hidden talent.

6.  Some WR looked good others dissapointed.  Torry Holt did not dissapoint or impress which I guess is good for someone coming off injury.  Mike Walker didn;t play, huge dissapointment.  He is going to get cut I think.  Troy Williamson continues his career as a preseason wonder, can he carry it over?  Nate Hughes is another preseason flasher.  He looks the best of all the WR this camp and preseason.  I think he amkes the team.  I expected more out of Jarret Dillard and Tiquan Underwood.  Underwood has the size and speed you rarely find but he is raw raw raw.  Practice squad bound most probably.  Like to see Mike Thomas get on the field for the next game.

7.  TE's imppressive.  Marcedes had some stone hands a few times but blocked well.  Zack Miller looked very impressive.  Gregg Estandia was OK.  He is a big man though and can block.

8.  Scobee looked great.  He will rebound from a down year last year and the Jaguars may reaaly use him a lot. 

9.  Speaking of Josh Scobee WTF special teams.  3 tackles for Scobee and one for Steve Weatherford.  They better get their act together.

10  Steve Weathorford is going to take the punting job from Adam Podlesh and another draft pick is wasted.

11. The D-line looked better then I thought it would but still many questions.  Big Jon looked good and Terrance Knighton is going to prove to be a huge draft pick.  Derrick Landri put on weight but still looked quick.  He dominated the second and third team O-line.  Rob Meier didn't impress.  He may get cut in favor of Atiyyah EllisonQuentin Groves rushed the passer pretty good but needs to develop an inside move or a spin move, he gets forced around the QB to easy.  Derrick Harvey moved well.  DE's were ok.  I really like the potential of Julius Williams but don;t know if there will be a roster spot for him.

12.  Love the 3-4 looks!  They have the ability to really confuse some opposing teams

13.  Our linebacking corps are some of the best in the league.  Justin Durant injured his hip so hopefully he will be OK.  Smith, Ingram, Thomas Williams, and Brian Iwuh are solid.  Johny willimas (a Fletcher product I think) is trying his best to make the team.

14.  Finally, Eugene Monroe is going to be the best Jags lineman since Tony Bosselli.  He was dominant.  I know he didn;t play against any starters but you could see it.  He dominated after 2 days of practicing with the team.  I was in favor of taking BJ Raji but have completely been turned on that pick.  Eben Britton looked OK.  Lots of rookie mistakes, weak technique, but he can learn those things.

Looking forward to the untelevised preseaon game this Saturday.  Hope everyone can make it.  comments always appreciated!


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Posted on: August 23, 2009 8:06 am

Jaguars preseason game 1 thoughts...

Points 1 and 2 were just preseason rust IMO.  We're getting some guys back that haven't played since week 1 of last season.  I think they need a couple more weeks to come together, but they'll be fine in the long run.
If this was still the week of the Dolphins game, I would completely agree with you about Todd Bouman and Paul Smith.  I think we need to carry two QB's.  Unfortunately, I read this after the second preseason game.  I think Todd will do fine as a backup.  I still wouldn't be mad if he was cut in favor of Paul Smith, though.
I agree with you about the RB's.  I think we're fine here.  Rashad Jennings needs to show more, IMO. Mojo, Greg Jones, and Alvin Pearman are my favorites here.  Montell Owens is cool.  I'm not a big fan of the others.  They ran hard in the second preseason game, though.  I think they feel the pressure.
Our special teams is horrible.  The punters are weak.  We look like a Pop Warner football team on kickoffs.  Russ Purnell needs to get fired quickly.
I'm not real impressed with the defensive line.  I'm not disappointed either.  I think we have a chance to be middle of the pack if not better this year on the line.  They are being hyped up like they're monsters, but I haven't seen it yet.  Tampa Bay's backups looked better than our starters.  I like what Derek Landri's doing though.  I know he gained weight, but what hurt him this season is the new pickups of Atiyyah Ellison and Terrance Knighton.  Both those guys are bigger and stronger than Derek.  I think Julius Williams is going to end up getting Quentin Groves' roster spot.
I like the 34 too.  I think in order to make it to the top, you have to evolve.  It's no coincidence that most of the top defenses in the league use a mixture of 34 and 43 fronts.  I think we need to be more mobile before the snap, though.  They look like a still photo out there and that gives QB's a great look at the defense.
I think you're right about Eugene Monroe.  Now if we could only get Eben Britton good enough to replace Tony Pashos.

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